All our output is of the highest quality, starting from design, through to computer-aided planning of production and, finally, the delivery service, tailored to every customer’s needs.

Strict controls and inspections are performed at every stage in the production process, assuring the traceability of every lot produced, from the raw material in rolls through to final delivery to the customer.

Our quality manual has been drawn up in accordance with the ISO-9001 standards and is approved by all our customers.


The experience we have acquired over the years enables us to manage deliveries extremely efficiently, keeping to the deadlines generated by our customers’ needs.

We are able to meet all delivery requirements in terms of both in-house production and forwarding to customers, since we work with the best forwarding companies, capable of providing reliable, punctual service throughout Italy and abroad.


With the aid of our carefully selected suppliers, we are able to meet packaging requests of all kinds.


Our excellent quality and production standards are the outcome of top-class organization of logistics and, above all, of human resources, which enables us to look to the future with calm confidence.

Our corporate organization comprises functions and people whose work directly contributes to the company’s activities and form the efficient backbone of a corporate system that is unbeatable on the domestic and international markets.

Thanks largely to the dynamic staff working within the company, all the targets we have set ourselves in recent years, in terms of both human resources and the development of new technologies, have been achieved in full, attaining our overall goals.