The V.i.p.i. srl was founded in 1972, by the will of Mr. Vagli Pierluigi, with the legal form of an individual company. In the first 12 years its production address is aimed at the production of grids and various items in chrome-plated wire, for the following markets: 

  • household appliance sector
  • small appliances
  • wire articles for supermarkets
  • articles for camping

Subsequently, in 1984, he developed the idea of ​​converting enameled cast iron grids for kitchen countertops with the current enamelled plate grids. In 1986 the company changed from an individual company into a capital company (S.r.l.). Currently the company carries out its production activity in Via Gitti 56, uses an office building for accounting-administrative-management-directional functions adjacent to a 3000 square meter warehouse. for the production of enamelled grids and chrome wire: all owned by the company. In the current phase, V.i.p.i. Srl occupies an important position on the international market for the production of plate and wire grids. Moreover, in the last 10 years it has diversified its production both through M & A and developing its own technologies in the following sectors:

Vipi project we offer consulting and design for production lines in the processing and welding of wire and strip of iron, solutions to improve the existing production process. We specialize in the supply of complete turnkey lines for the production of components for household appliances.

Grids for household appliances  we design shelves and pan support  of any size and necessity, with internal production process using technologically advanced CNC machines, using clamp, punch, wire and head welding.

Sliding rails  we design and produce sliding guides for ovens that we believe are functional and of excellent quality.

Wire accessories our latest generation CNC machines are able to produce / bend any piece of wire and accessory for any need

Cheese factory line we design and build custom-made grids and palletised racks, made of stainless steel or galvanized iron, adapted to the needs of any dairy

Special cables for the Oil & Gas sector  We manufacture special cables. Power, instrumental and signal, with lead sheath and armor for the submarine, Oil & Gas, Railway sectors. We can also provide lead sheathing on third-party cables. Our special sheathing is made by cold extrusion, this means a series of advantages compared to the classic casting process. Price, pollution and less stress on cables. We can also cover fiber optic cables.

Accessories for vineyards under the brand "il vitigno" we are at your disposal to provide complete systems, accessories and advice for setting up your home or improving the quality of your vineyards. We help you choose and provide you with the most suitable product for your needs in terms of quality / price. For over 40 years, the Vitigno has specialized in mechanical processing, wire for vineyards and springs and in the production of poles for vineyards, orchards and fences.

We produce guards for vineyards in iron and galvanized steel, poles in hot-dip galvanized steel, stainless steel and COR-TEN, T-posts, springs for vineyards and orchards, wire tensioners and spacers.

Anodes for nuclear and galvanic plants  Using our proprietary cold extrusion technology we make any kind of knot, both for galvanic and nuclear plants. In addition to those always available in the catalog, the same are made to customer specifications, both dimensional and alloy.

Ammunition reloading products and equipment  We produce technical ogive for sports shooting. Extruded and cold molded, completely galvanically coated in various colors and materials. Among the peculiar characteristics, we have the collection absence of smoke, minimum rebound and zero splicing of the pipes.

In addition to all this we have a long list of products related to these technologies, so we suggest you contact us directly for your needs or visit our website